Book review

Courageous Women of the Vietnam War by Kathryn J. Atwood

I’m a big fan of Kathryn J. Atwood’s work. She’s written several collective biographies of women who either insert themselves into or find themselves in the midst of a war zone or occupied territory.  I wrote about her Women Heroes… Read More ›


Gothic Vampire Tradition Meets Sci-Fi in Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler

If you like books about race, sexuality, power, and family you might want to check out this novel because these issues are explored in interesting and unusual ways. The pacing of the second half is just off, or at least very different from the first (it involves a court case and those often make me glaze over). If you’re someone who is really into vampire novels you’ll want to read Fledgling for the inventive vampire world Butler creates. However, if you’re the type who reads one vampire novel a year and are looking for a novel that’ll scare you and keep you reading deep into the night, you’ll probably want to pass on this one.