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I love all kinds of libraries, from a small town public library to a huge university research library. I thought it would be fun and possibly of interest to fellow library lovers to post pictures of libraries I encounter on my travels.

Sometimes libraries are closed when I stumble upon them and I’ve started titling those posts “Library Stops.” When I get to walk around inside a library and take interior shots, I title those posts “Library Visits.” 

In my efforts to not bother people or post photos in which patrons are easily identifiable, I’m often unable to take pictures of the entire interior of a library because — hurrah! — libraries are usually busy places. As a result, these posts are not comprehensive library tours. If you should notice yourself in a photo and want me to blur your image, just let me know.

This list is organized by state and then by town or city.














Send me on a mission!

Is there a Connecticut or New England library you’d like me to visit? Let me know! I’ll do my best to make it there and then report back here.

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  1. What a great idea! Love it so much, and definitely considering starting one of my own. Even more so, as a librarian-by-day book blogger.
    Hello, by the way (I'm here via the Dewey's Readathon signup list.) The best part of the Readathon is getting to know other bookish folks and their blogs.
    Happy reading!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth! I hope you do start a library related feature! I wasn't active on my blog during the readathon this time, but I'm off to check out your blog now.

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