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The Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge


Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge


I’d love to see more people reading and talking about Willa Cather’s novels which is why I turned my personal plan of reading all twelve of Cather’s novels in 2012 into a public reading challenge.

Cather published 12 novels which makes this a perfect year-long reading challenge. Jump in anytime, read the novels in any order. There are no rules, just the pleasure of reading novels from this American master.

The novels in chronological order:

  1. Alexander’s Bridge (1912)
  2. O Pioneers! (1913)
  3. The Song of the Lark (1915)
  4. My Ántonia (1918)
  5. One of Ours (1922)
  6. A Lost Lady (1923)
  7. The Professor’s House (1925)
  8. My Mortal Enemy (1926)
  9. Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927)
  10. Shadows on the Rock (1931)
  11. Lucy Gayheart (1935)
  12. Sapphira and the Slave Girl (1940)

The links below are the posts I wrote for the Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge in 2012. There is two posts for each novel: An “introductory” post to the novel and then a “thoughts & comments” post. (I’ll eventually remove the dates to make this feel more evergreen.)

Sadly, not all of the comments survived when I transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress, but some did. Please feel free to add your comments. I’d love to keep the conversation going!

  1. Take the Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge
  2. Alexander’s Bridge: Book #1 Introduction
  3. Alexander’s Bridge: Thoughts & Comments
  4. O Pioneers!: Book #2 Introduction
  5. O Pioneers!: Thoughts & Comment
  6. The Song of the Lark: Book #3 Introduction
  7. The Song of the Lark: Thoughts & Comments
  8. My Antonia: Book #4 Introduction
  9. My Antonia: Thoughts & Comments
  10. One of Ours: Book #5 Introduction
  11. One of Ours: Thoughts & Comments
  12. A Lost Lady: Book #6 Introduction
  13. A Lost Lady: Thoughts & Comments
  14. The Professor’s House: Book #7 Introduction
  15. The Professor’s House: Thoughts & Comments
  16. My Mortal Enemy: Book #8 Introduction
  17. My Mortal Enemy: Thoughts & Comments
  18. Death Comes for the Archbishop: Book #9 Introduction
  19. Death Comes for the Archbishop: Thoughts & Comments
  20. Shadows on the Rock: Book #10 Introduction
  21. Shadows on the Rock: Thoughts & Comments
  22. Lucy Gayheart: Book #11 Introduction
  23. Lucy Gayheart: Thoughts & Comments
  24. Sapphira and the Slave Girl: Book #12 Introduction
  25. Sapphira and the Slave Girl: Thoughts & Comments
  26. Wrap-up Post


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