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Willa Cather
December 7, 1873 – April 24, 1947

I am a big fan of Willa Cather and can nerd-out about her until the cows come home. This page is a round up of some of the Willa Cather reading projects I’ve hosted/host.

Willa Cather Novel Reading Challenge — I created this reading project in 2012. Cather published 12 novels and reading one per month is a great way to experience her range and say you’ve read all of her books! Read more about the novel challenge here.

Willa Cather Short Story Project — As much as I love Cather, I’m not naturally drawn to reading short fiction, so in 2019 I set out to read all of Cather’s short stories. I’m reading one story a month and invite other readers to join me. Learn about this reading project here.

Willa Cather Book Club — I currently host a Willa Cather Book Club that meets quarterly in South Windsor, CT. Check it out here. The pandemic has altered our reading schedule. We have one more Cather novel to read and then we’ll be choosing a different classic American author to focus on for a year.

I’ve enjoyed hosting these Willa Cather reading projects. In the future I might create one around her nonfiction writing or literary scholarship about her work, but for now the short stories are keeping me busy.

If you’re not yet tired of me talking about Cather, I made a video for my friend Shawn’s YouTube channel about how I got into Cather and a brief intro to her novels that you can watch here.

Learn more about Cather

If you’d like to learn more about Cather, a great place to start is at The National Willa Cather Center in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

To dig deeper into Cather’s work and biography, visit The Willa Cather Archive. Here you can access Cather’s writing (including her letters), writing about her, a timeline of her life, photographs, and so much more.

The Willa Cather Foundation
To help preserve and enhance resources for the appreciation and study of Willa Cather’s life and writings, become a member of the Willa Cather Foundation.

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