New Scottoline in March!

I’m so excited!  I just found out Lisa Scottoline’s new novel, Think Twice, is scheduled to hit the shelves on March 16, 2010.  If you haven’t yet read Scottoline, don’t wait any longer.  She writes mystery/thrillers that feature strong, realistic women who come off the page like someone you want to be friends with or, sometimes, like the bitch you’d prefer to avoid.  And she’s funny.  That’s a hard thing to do in a mystery/thriller without sounding all cutesy or a bit too dark.  

Scottoline has written some successful stand alone novels, but gained her initial fan base with her Rosato & Associates series about an all women law firm.  Her books are thrilling, funny, and leave you feeling like there’s hope in the world, that although there are some bad people out there, ultimately the good will prevail.  You can read the first chapter of Think Twice at Lisa’s website.

And if she comes to a town near you for an event, GO because her book signings are a blast . . . and she’s been known to bring snacks for the audience.

Here’s a chronological list of her books:

Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog, 2009 (non-fiction)
Look Again, 2009
Lady Killer, 2008*
Daddy’s Girl, 2007
Dirty Blonde, 2006
Devil’s Corner, 2005
Killer Smile, 2004*
Dead Ringer, 2003*
Courting Trouble, 2003*
The Vendetta Defense, 2001*
Moment of Truth, 2000*
Mistaken Identity, 1999*
Rough Justice, 1998*
Legal Tender, 1997*
Running From the Law, 1996
Final Appeal, 1995
Everywhere That Mary Went, 1994*

*denotes books with characters from Rosato & Associates

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