Library Visit: Milford, CT (old & new)

Taylor Memorial Library
5 Broad Street

Milford, CT 06460

Built: 1894
Built by: Henry Taylor as a memorial to his mother
Designed by: Joseph W. Northrup
Style: Richardsonian Romanesque
Inspired by the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, Massachusetts which was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson
Date visited: April 30, 2011

Milford, CT was home base during our exploration of the south-west portion of Coastal Connecticut in late April/early May. I’d been there several times before, about twelve years ago, but under the sad circumstances of my aunt’s death. In the ensuing years, it seems like Milford has gotten busier, but the area around the Green is still charming.

A dream library.

The Taylor Memorial Library is in the heart of old Milford. The reference librarians on duty at the new library didn’t know anything about the old library building, which I find so surprising because I assume librarians would be into the history of their town’s library. Yes, I know what happens when one assumes and that not everyone is into old buildings.

The old library building now houses the Milford Chamber of Commerce and it was closed on the morning we bummed around Milford (a Saturday). I’d love to see the inside and hope they haven’t messed with the original features too much. You can read a description of the inside here and see some interior pictures here from the 1978 application for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

These windows practically beg for someone to sit inside and read away a rainy spring day!
It’s like entering the tunnel to wisdom.
The lights are not original to the building, but they do add some dramatic flair.

Milford Public Library
57 New Haven Street
Milford, CT 06460

Contains 118,308 volumes
Circulation: 281,581 items per year

The New Milford Public Library is across the street and down the block from the old library.  It isn’t as pretty on the outside as the old library, but it is open and spacious on the inside with plenty of natural and artificial lighting.


Spring flowers were blooming.
Seating area around the open staircase.


Art being installed on the landing between the first floor and lower level.
Part of the Friends of the Library book sale.


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