Giveaway: Theft By Chocolate by Luba Lesychyn

Thanks to the good folks at Attica Books, WildmooBooks is offering its second book giveaway for your summer reading pleasure: Luba Lesychyn’s comic new cozy mystery Theft by Chocolate, which was inspired by a real-life, never-solved heist at a Canadian museum in the 1980s.

See details below about how to enter-to-win the book (it involves commenting on this post). You can also enter to win a $150 gift card to an online chocolate retailer (this involves entering via the Rafflecopter form below).

About the Book:
Chocolate addict Kalena Boyko wasn’t prepared for this. Heading to work at Canada’s largest museum as an administrator, she hopes for quiet and uninterrupted access to her secret chocolate stash. Instead she’s assigned to manage the high-profile Treasures of the Maya exhibition with her loathed former boss, Richard Pritchard.

With no warning, her life is capsized and propelled into warp speed as she stumbles across an insider plot that could jeopardize the exhibit and the reputation of the museum.

After hearing about a recent botched theft at the museum and an unsolved jewel heist in the past from security guard and amateur sleuth Marco Zeffirelli, Kalena becomes suspicious of Richard and is convinced he’s planning to sabotage the Treasures of the Mayaexhibition.

Her suspicions, and the appearance of the mysterious but charming Geoffrey Ogden from the London office, don’t help her concentration. TheTreasures of the Maya seems cursed as problem after problem arises, including the disappearance of the world’s oldest piece of chocolate, the signature object in the exhibit.

About the Author:

Soon after finishing her graduate studies in history, Luba Lesychyn (le-si-shin) landed on the doorstep of Canada’s largest museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, where she worked for more than twenty years as an educator and consultant. Theft By Chocolate is Luba’s debut novel, though she has been amusing people with her writing since the age of eight. Her love of chocolate precedes this age and she has been in and out of chocolate rehab for most of her adult life. She currently works in the educational sector and teaches yoga in her home town of Toronto. When not writing or looking for her next chocolate fix, Luba can be found in dance classes, trekking to remote waterfalls in the mountain rain forest in Puerto Rico, running through the streets of Paris or doing any other number of calorie-burning activities that help offset the calories consumed in her chocolate intake. 

How to win a copy of the book:

Answer this question in the comments section below and be sure to provide your email: If you were stuck on a desert island, which five books would you choose to have with you? In five days, a lucky winner from this blog will win a free copy of Theft By Chocolate! The winner will be chosen by and contacted by the publisher.

How to win the grand prize$150 Gift Certificate:
Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Do you love chocolate as much as Kalena, the heroine in Theft By Chocolate? Here’s your chance to indulge in $150 US worth! The Giveaway Grand Prize is a gift certificate to a delectable online chocolate retailer. Winner chooses from one of three sites:, , or

a Rafflecopter giveaway//

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for entering!

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  1. This is easy. . . I'd take my Kindle. Oops. How would I charge it? Assuming I couldn't take a solar-powered charger, the five books I'd bring are:
    1) Where There Is No Doctor (a first-aid how-to)
    2) Little House on the Prairie (Laura Ingles Wilder)
    3) A Wrinkle in Time (Madeline L'Engle)
    4) The Sea Around Us (Rachel Carson)
    5) Harry Potter–all books in one volume, even if it doesn't exist in reality

    karysafaire at gmail dot come. 🙂

  2. My top 5 books:

    1) Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
    2) Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
    3) The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny
    4) All Mortal Flesh by Julia Spencer-Fleming
    5) The Christie Caper by Carolyn Hart

    All could be read again and again and enjoyed immensely!

    Missy Schwebach

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