Library Visit: Chillicothe, IL Public Library

Chillicothe Public Library
430 N Bradley
Chillicothe, IL 61523

Opened: 2005
Holds 37,213 volumes
Circulates 85,168 items per year
Serves 13,250 residents

For pictures of the old Carnegie library building, which has been re-purposed as a bookstore, click here.

Windows dominate the facade of the library.
The entrance is in the back of the library. Note the drive up window.
Close up of the drive up window.
The view when you walk in. Lots of natural lighting.
Johnston McCulley, prolific writer and creator of Zorro, is from Chillicothe.
A display case housing Zorro memorabilia.
Walt Disney’s Magazine and the iconic American lunch box featuring Zorro.
More recent Zorro Tchotchkes.
Cather on the shelf. Death Comes For the Archbishop stands alone
A patio awaits spring and summer.
Re-purposed card catalog–great idea–I want a coffee table like this!
Plants and a wall mural liven up the kids’ section.
Mural detail.
More mural.
Who doesn’t love Camelot?
The view from kids looking toward circulation.
The library globe.
Many libraries have a globe, but how many have fish? There are two fish in this bowl, the other was camera shy.

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