Branch 27: Library to Restaurant

I’ve never posted a blog entry from my cellphone, but here goes.

Laura and I just had dinner at Branch 27. It was the closest place that came up when I searched on Yelp. American food, 4.5 stars, not too pricey. We didn’t have much time between my dentist appointment and the start of her class, so we decided to trust in Yelp.

Branch 27. I wasn’t thinking library until we walked in and I saw a big ol’ medallion sporting the Chicago Public Library’s logo on the wall. Sure enough, the place had been a library once upon a time. Will post details later if I find interesting info.

We had burgers and they were yummy. I got the turkey & poblano burger because here at WildmooBooks we feel a bit cannibalistic when eating cow.

Have you stumbled into a business that was once a library?


  1. Very cool! Especially since you didn't know going in 🙂 The old (and gorgeous) Carnegie library here is now a clothing store. It's still beautiful but it looked a lot better when it was filled with books!

    Way to go, posting from your phone! I've yet to do that 🙂

  2. It was such a fun surprise! And it was surprisingly easy to post from my phone. I just had to edit the pictures later on my computer, but it looks like an update that just arrived today (from Blogger) might make working with images easier on the phone. We'll see.

    It is good to see old libraries being re-purposed and (I hope) well maintained, but they should be full of books! Back in March I visited a bookstore that's in an old Carnegie library in Chillicothe, IL:

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