The Classics Spin #2

I signed on for The Classics Club back in September 2012 and since then have read only three of the books on my list. Lame-o! At this pace there’s no way I’ll finish the remaining 97 books on my list by my deadline (9/23/17), so I’m taking part in the The Classics Spin #2.

How the spin works: participants choose 20 books from their list of classics by Monday, May 20th. The moderators pick a number between 1-20 and participants read the corresponding book from their lists by July 1, 2013.

The 20 books I selected below are a combination of books I really want to read (especially the Fallada, Ferber and Fitzgerald) and books that I’m a bit neutral about. I am not exactly thrilled at the prospect of reading two of these books–Grant’s Personal Memoirs and Shaar’s The Killer Angels–but added them because I don’t know much about the Civil War and we are in the midst of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.  There are two books that I’m dreading.

  1. On the Good Life, Cicero
  2. Personal Memoirs, Grant
  3. The Country of the Pointed Firs, Jewett
  4. The Good Soldier, Ford
  5. Winesburg, Ohio, Anderson
  6. This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald
  7. Three Soldiers, Dos Passos
  8. Les Miserables, Hugo
  9. So Big, Ferber
  10. Berlin Alexanderplatz, Doblin
  11. The Maltese Falcon, Hammet
  12. Tender is the Night, Fitzgerald
  13. Goodbye to Berlin, Isherwood, Christopher
  14. The Drinker, Fallada
  15. The Caine Mutiny, Wouk
  16. From Here to Eternity, Jones
  17. We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Jackson
  18. Ship of Fools, Porter
  19. A Moveable Feast, Hemingway
  20. The Killer Angels, Shaara

 If you’re curious about my complete list, click here.

Have you read a classic lately? Wanna spin with me?


  1. It's a shame you have Les Mis as a different number, if I get it I would have liked company!

  2. If neither of us reads Les Mis for this spin, we'll have to coordinate for the next one! Jennifer Hartling and I are incahoots with that book for this spin. 🙂

  3. Yep – it was definitely the browser at work. So outdated! Well, FYI, your comments won't work with any ancient browsers. Lol So, what did I try to say, previously? I can't remember exactly.

    I will say, The Good Soldier is a wild, brilliant piece of work. Winseburg, Ohio, is one of my favorites, as is Les Miserables! Tender is the Night is by far my favorite Fitzgerald book, I absolutely love it.

    You've got a great list, here – I think you'll be happy with whichever # pops-up, but I hope you get the one you're secretly wishing for! Good Luck!

  4. Oh, The Country of Pointed Firs is so good! And Winesburg, Ohio has always been a favorite. Best of luck!

  5. They are two that I'm really looking forward to reading. Thanks for stopping by and good luck to you if you're spinning this time around!

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