Wrapping It Up: Armchair BEA 2013

I was happily participating in my first Armchair BEA, but got knocked out of the last couple days due to oral surgery. Prior to the connective tissue graft that I had on Friday, I thought I’d spend the remainder of Friday and all of Saturday happily recuperating on the couch, writing more blog posts, and visiting as many other blogs as I could manage.

In reality, I spent Friday in a Vicodin-induced sleep-haze and then Saturday experienced the rather unpleasant side effects of that drug, which ended up causing more pain than it killed. Today I feel like something that’s crawled out of a cave, but I’m standing upright (or at least managed to shuffle to my  armchair), able to keep food down, and can keep my eyes open without my head splitting open. I hear Maureen McGovern singing the theme song from the Poseidon Adventure in the background. You know, “the morning after” song?

Life is looking good again.

Here are the posts I did write for Armchair BEA:

  1. Introduction: I’m an ABEA Newbie
  2. Classics: I Became a Classics Reader Through TV
  3. Genre: From Literary Theory Snob to Mystery Reader
  4. Blogger Development: No Big Plans, But a Schedule Would Be Nice
  5. Literary Fiction: Kinda Like Porn, You Know It When You See It

Participating in Armchair BEA was a great way to meet more bloggers and I certainly added a book or two to my TBR pile! I’d like to thank the organizers for doing such a great job keeping things interesting and for creating this event in the first place, and also all of my fellow book bloggers for their participation, enthusiasm, and encouragement!

Until next year!

(Okay, time to lie down again…).

Up again after realizing I didn’t mention perhaps the coolest thing that happened during ABEA–I reconnected with a former co-worker, Charleen, while browsing #ArmchairBEA on Twitter. Check out her book blog: Cheap Thrills (love the name!).

p.s. I was an Instagram Challenge Winner! Thanks for the giveways!


  1. Oh that sounds simply awful 🙁 I hope you're feeling 100% soon!

    I really enjoyed participating in the ABEA. I met a lot of great people

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