Summer Reading Bingo

If you listen to the Books on the Night Stand podcast you know about their Beach Blanket Book Bingo summer reading game. If you haven’t listened to the episode where they introduce it, here’s the link. Or you can go straight to the BOTNS Bingo page and get your card.

What I like about this summer reading bingo concept is that it’ll help shake-up my summer reading a bit, yet still allow me to choose books from my own TBR pile. Or, if I get the itch to browse at the library or bookstore, I can pick a square and go discover a book that will satisfy the category.

Like real bingo, everyone has a different card. Here’s mine:

I was unable to print it using the print button on the BOTNS Bingo page, so I cut and pasted it into a Word document and printed it from there. I taped it in my reading journal so I’d know where to find it when the time came to pick my next read.

My first summer reading book is A Long, Long Time Ago an Essentially True by Brigid Pasulka, recommended to me by BiblioSue. This book will cover the square “six words or more in the title.”

What are your summer reading plans?


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