The Killer Angels Read-along check-in #1: June 29, 1863

Killer Angels Read-Along
The Killer Angels Read-Along

Are you reading The Killer Angels?

Yes–How’s it going?
No–Why not?!

I read the first section as planned, up to the end of Monday, June 29, 1863. Where you able to stop at the end of the first section or did you keep reading? It was hard for me to stop after that first section.  At first I was going to keep reading, but then I thought it might be good to take a few days to ponder what I’d just read, to really think about what these characters are going through. I cannot comprehend what it was like to take up arms against citizens of one’s own country, particularly when some on the other side are old friends.

Did you like that the characters were introduced at the front of the novel, before the action begins? Usually I groan upon seeing a list at the beginning of a novel and anticipate a confusing character laden mess to follow, but I found that reading those short bios created some tension and anticipation for what’s to come.

I also like the way Shaara presents the main ideological reasons for the war for the North (through Chamberlain’s thoughts) and the South (through conversations of various characters). I already have a soft spot for Chamberlain.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain [source]

What are your thoughts on this first section?

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