Can you help ID this bookish statue?

That’s me in the late 70s or early 80s sitting on a book on a statue. 

Looking at what I’m wearing and the other pictures this one was with, it might be somewhere near Niagara Falls, but I can’t make out the writing at the base of the statue.

Can anyone identify this bookish statue for me?

Thanks for your help! Check out more Wordless Wednesday (or nearly wordless if they’re like me) entries here. 

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10 replies

  1. Thank goodness someone figured it out, I was terribly curious!

  2. I had no idea, so I am glad someone else solved it

  3. wow, what a cool picture. glad to know who this is

  4. Thank you so much! You guys rock!!!

  5. It was such a fun trip! I remember it well.

  6. I am amazed! Didn't know if anyone would see this post/know it.

  7. Me, too! So amazing to me that you can ask just about any question on the internet and someone comes through with help.

  8. Thanks, and neat to learn that's not actually a book I'm sitting on, but plans/blueprints.

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