Library Visit: Westbrook Public Library, Westbrook, CT

I’ve driven past both the old Westbrook Library and the road to the new library many times in the two years we’ve lived on the shoreline, but this week was the first time I stopped in to check it out. I’m so glad I did. The building is well-lit due to its generous windows and also has an open atmosphere with cozy nooks here-and-there in which to read. It’s only 20-40 minutes from my house, depending on whether I take I-95 or Route 1 (aka Boston Post Road).

Westbrook Public Library
61 Goodspeed Drive
Westbrook, CT 06498

First, here’s a picture of the old library, which served the town from 1905-1977. It is on the town green and now houses the Westbrook Historical Society.


The library moved east of the town green, to Goodspeed Drive, in 1977. Pictured here is the current library, which opened in September 2008.
A welcoming entrance.
The new arrivals area is one of my favorite sections.
Work tables divide the two rows of stacks.
Looking back toward circulation. Next to those four windows at the back of this photo is a lovely display case filed Art Carney’s personal mementos and ephemera. The actor and his family lived in Westbrook. I don’t know why I didn’t take any pictures of it.
On the bulletin board. If the ocean rises even 10 feet the heart of Westbrook will be gone.
A peek into the stacks.
A sunny reading area with a nautical theme.
Fabulous quilt and wave-like bench.
Cather on the shelf.
The Art Carney Media Center. Audiobooks, VHS, DVDs.
Looking into the children’s section.
Computer station for kids.
I image this place is crawling with kids when school’s out.
A bit of natural decoration on the picture book endcaps.
Information and celebratory photos liven up this work area.
Libraries and globes, together forever. Love the fishy background.
Walking out of the kids’ section. The circulation desk is just passed the wall, to the right.
I saved the best for last: behold, an ACTIVE card catalog.
There’s also one in the adult section. Upon checking out I asked the librarian if it was actively used and she very enthusiastically said YES and that it is UP-TO-DATE. I was thrilled to hear this. Yes, I love computer databases, but there’s nothing like going to a card catalog and seeing what’s available in that library’s collections. The librarian called over the director and I chatted about card catalogs with him, too. He told me the adult card catalog is also up-to-date and that it came in very handy in the aftermath of the last hurricane.

I hope you enjoyed this brief visit to the Westbrook Public Library. These visits of mine are not complete tours as I try to avoid taking pictures of patrons. To see a list of all the libraries I’ve visited (or, at least those I’ve written posts about), please visit my #LibraryLove page.

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