Road trip with audiobooks that are currently on my TBR Action Center

Road trip!

I’m heading down to Annapolis, MD this morning, Washington, D. C. Friday morning, and then up to Mystic, CT Friday afternoon.

How many hours do you think it’ll take to drive from D.C. to Mystic on the Friday afternoon/evening before Independence Day? With no traffic (which is pure fantasy) it would take about 6.5 hours. On a normal summer Friday I’d give it 8 hours. This Friday it could be 10, 12, more hours?

I’m not complaining. I have some podcasts to listen to. Sadly, the last Books on the Nightstand episode just landed on my phone. On the other hand, in what I hope will be less depressing book podcast news, Simon and Thomas of The Readers will reveal their summer readalong book today.

As you can see in the photo above, I also found three audiobooks at the library, two of which are actually on my TBR Action Center! Those would be The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. My Reading Life is a re-read/re-listen in case the first two don’t pan out for me. I’ll probably cry the whole time if I end up listening to Pat Conroy.

Time to roll!


  1. I absolutely loved Pat Conroy's My Reading Life. I almost wish I had kept it, but I passed it on to my mother. I remember reading & loving the Hemingway book, but it's been years. I probably need to reread that one. Hope your trip is great. I love Annapolis.

  2. Thanks, Thomas, it was a beautiful route! I ended up taking 95 from the Tappan Zee Bridge as the GPS showed smooth sailing along the CT coast. No traffic slow-downs after getting out of DC…only the torrential rains in NY slowed me down a bit. It was so great to see you!

  3. I ended up not listening to any audiobooks, which I'll write about later this week, but it was a great whirlwind of a trip! I've only been to Annapolis twice and both times have been for events at the Naval Academy. I hope to take a leisurely long weekend trip there one of these days to explore the area. The historic area is so adorable.

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