The Institute Library in New Haven, CT – Guest Post on The Emerald City Book Review

The Institute Library, New Haven, CT (Chris Wolak - WildmooBooks)

Lory of The Emerald City Book Review asked me to write a guest post on a New England library for her year long Reading New England challenge.

Please HEAD OVER TO HER BLOG to check out my contribution featuring The Institute Library of New Haven, CT, a subscription library that was founded in 1826.


  1. Chris, I grew up in CT and spent many times in New Haven shopping ( old days…Malley's Dept Store). I see the Institute Library is on the other side of the NH Green. I rarely got in that area. I walked/shopped on Chapel Street ( old days…Anne Taylors) and stayed between NH Green and Yale Art Gallery (…trendy area) The Institute Library looks so '1950's…..with the old card catalogues! Wonderful to see these pictures….thanks, brings back memories!

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