New Book Adventure: Book Cougars Podcast

Book Cougars Podcast - Chris Wolak and Emily Fine (WildmooBooks)
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I have a new book adventure that I’m so excited to share with you all today. My friend Emily Fine and I have started a book podcast!

Introducing–drum roll, please–the Book Cougars: Two Middle-Aged Women on the Hunt for a Good Read.

Our first episode went live on Tuesday and you can stream or download it from our website: We’re working to get it on iTunes.

The first episode is just over an hour long. The first half is a test run where we talk about doing the podcast, who we are, where we are, etc., and the second half is a “proper” episode with what we believe will be our regular segments: Just Read, Currently Reading, Literary Adventures, Upcoming Jaunts, Upcoming Reads.

Emily and I met because of a book podcast, namely, Books on the Nightstand, hosted by Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness, so it seemed kind of natural for us to start our own podcast (especially since Ann and Michael have, for now, retired their podcast).

Michael gave us a wonderful shout-out on Twitter:

//  Thank you, Michael!

Book Cougars Podcast - Chris Wolak and Emily Fine (WildmooBooks)
Literary Adventures and Joint Jaunts

We’ve already recorded Episode 2, a holiday special, which will be available early next week. In that episode Emily and I each talk about our top 10 reads of 2016 and offer some holiday gift ideas for book lovers.

You can find us on:
Facebook: and

And if you’d like to send us feedback or ask a question our email address is bookcougars at gmail dot com.

I’d be so honored if you’d give us a listen. 

P.s. What is it with me and animals in my titles? WildmooBooks blog, Book Cougars podcast…?


  1. Rawr – The BookCougars, not just 2 middle-aged women, but two middle-aged women who read. Looking forward to the next podcast featuring bookish gifts and books to give.

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