Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017 (#AWW2017)

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At the end of December 2015 I planned on reading four books by Australian Women Writers in 2016. I ended up reading only one, but it was excellent:  Emma Viskec’s award-winning thriller, Resurrection Bay.

For 2017 I am again planning to read four books for the Australian Women Writers Challenge (#AWW2017). I hope that listing them will help me follow-through. I love making lists of books to read, but tend to rebel against actually reading them. Hope springs eternal.

The first two were written-up in the January issue of BookPage magazine:
1. The Dry by Jane Harper
2. The Strays by Emily Bitto

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The second two are classics, a category on which challenge organizers would like to put more emphasis:
3. My Brilliant Career (1901) by Miles Franklin
4. Some Everyday Folk and Dawn (1909) by Miles Franklin

And then there’s this big list of Lesbian and Queer Women Writers that I want to check out. Sigh. I know everyone says it, but SO MANY BOOKS! SO LITTLE TIME!

If you’d like to check out the challenge or sign-up for it yourself, visit the website: There you’ll find great resources for reading Australian Women Writers and links to the challenge’s various social media groups.


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