Library Extension: An Amazing Plug-in for Library Users

Firefox has been my browser of choice for years now, but last month I decided to try something new and am giving Chrome a try.

Around the time I made this change, I happened to see a tweet by Austin Kleon about Library Extension. It’s a tool that tells you if a book you’re looking at on Amazon or Goodreads (and other sites, I image) is available at your local library.

// added the extension immediately, but was bummed to find that my local library wasn’t yet included, so I added the next closest library to me. I also put in a request with Library Extension to add my library. Andrew wrote me back the same day and said he updated the extension to include my library. How cool is that?  I love this tool and thought you might, too.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks on Goodreads:

The Library Extension box takes just a few seconds to load/populate the information. It even tells you what formats are/are not available.

You can install the extension from their website ( or from the App Store ( 

A Firefox version is in the works and you can sign-up to be notified when its available.

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  1. How interesting! I use the BookMyne app on my phone, but that just allows me to search the catalog easily on a mobile device. I usually use Firefox, too, but I use Chrome at work. We're not allowed to add extensions ourselves there, but I'll ask about it!

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