Readathon Recap and Book Club Bookstore

My Reading Nook (
My reading corner.

I didn’t read as much as planned or for as many hours as I thought I would for this marathon. I think I was overtired, which makes it hard for me to settle down and focus. Seasonal allergies are also messing with my mind these days. It’s all good. Some readathons I’m a reading machine, others not so much. This one sorta snuck up on me. I’ll be more prepared for the October readathon which is usually the one I hunker down with more. Save the date: October 21, 2017!

Chris Wolak and Cynde Acanto owner of the Book Club Bookstore, South Windsor, CT (
With Cynde Acanto owner of Book Club Bookstore

I started the day in my reading corner with Jason Rekulak’s The Impossible Fortress and read for about an hour before writing a blog post, checking in with readathon social media, and doing some family stuff. Then I headed out to South Windsor, CT for the Book Club Bookstore’s grand opening of their new location. As you may know it was also Indpendent Bookstore Day yesterday, so I felt compelled to visit at least one bookstore.

Book Club Bookstore Grand Opening, South Windsor, CT (

I knew I’d be arriving at the tail end of the party, which was scheduled for 10:30-12:30, and a traffic jam on the interstate put me further behind, so I arrived as the last of the party goers were leaving and folks were cleaning up. I had a nice browse and talk owner Cynde Acanto.

Book and Plant Haul from the Book Club Bookstore, South Windsor, CT (
My book and plant haul.

Book haul details:

  • Connecticut Valley Tabacco by Brianna E. Dunlap (author event 5/24 at 6 pm)
  • A Short Guide to Writing About Literature by Slyvan Barnet (I used to have a copy)
  • Danse Macabre by Stephen King (the Master’s book about the horror genre)
  • Stephen King Country by George Beahm (because I now live close enough to easily visit)

It was my first time visiting the store and I really like it. It’s small, but well curated and sells new and used books. The left side of the bookstore is primarily adult fiction and some YA/kids books. The right side is adult nonfiction. The front of the store features gifts made by local artisans and a nice selection of live plants (cacti and small plants for terrariums as well as terrarium kits and supplies). My terrarium has been in need of a refresh, so I bought some reindeer moss and a miniature plant. I think it’s some kind of ivy.

They host an impressive number of author events and book clubs. Check out their Facebook page or website for more information. I hope to attend their Stephen King book club sometime.

Stephen King Book Club, Typewriter display, Book Club Bookstore, South Windsor, CT (
Creative way to display the Stephen King Book Club schedule

After the bookstore, I did some grocery shopping. Would you believe the grocery store I stopped in didn’t have frosted strawberry pop tarts? Sad. That’s one of my readathon staples. I only eat them two or three times a year as a special treat. The place had unfrosted strawberry pop tarts. Does anyone really eat those? I should have checked those two boxes for dust.

You Are a Badass Audiobook (
Need motivation? Try this audiobook.

All things aside, the lack of pop tarts was the only hiccup of the readathon for me. Sure, I could’ve gone to another store, but I settled on Good-n-Plenty for my sweet treat instead. I’d also finished the audiobook I was listening to by that time–You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, which I highly recommend if you need some motivation. I might have driven to another store if I had more listening to do. You know how that goes.

After making dinner, eating, watching an episode of Grace & Frankie, playing with my dog, and then playing a few rounds of Rory’s Story Cubes with my wife, I messed around online some more, walked on the treadmill while reading The Impossible Fortress before finishing the night reading in bed.

Overall, it was a good day with some reading, a wholly satisfying bookstore visit, and no pressure to do anything else…which is probably my favorite thing about readathon.

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