Now Available! Mastering the Art of Self-Expression by Laura Thoma

Laura Thoma Mastering the Art of Self-Expression
What’s that Laura’s reading? Why it’s her own book!
I am beyond thrilled to announce that Mastering the Art of Self-Expression: A Creative Journaling Workbook by Laura Thoma is now available!

About the workbook:

Mastering the Art of Self-Expression is an interactive full-color workbook based on Laura Thoma’s successful in-person and online workshop, Creative Journaling 101. This instructive workbook takes you on a journey to reconnect with your creative spirit through self-exploration and play. You practice non-judgment and mindfulness while reclaiming your refrigerator art. The exercises show you your strength and courage while freeing your sense of humor. Also included are mini-motivators, reflection pages, and space to doodle, ponder, and brainstorm.

Laura Thoma is Co-Founder of Road to Success℠ a personal development online school where she designs and facilitates programs with a whole brain approach. Laura is a speaker, certified coach, and artist with an extensive background in both the performing and visual arts. Creative Journaling arose from her journey of personal growth and recovery from a career ending injury. She found herself in the pages of her journal and wants to share this powerful method with you.

For those of you in the area, we’d love to have you join us at the launch event this Friday at the Book Club Bookstore & More in South Windsor, CT. (7/7/17 from 5:30 – 7 pm). Laura will be in conversation with writer and reviewer John Valeri, formerly of the Hartford Book Examiner.

John did a lovely interview with Laura that you can read here.

Also, Laura was the first Author Spotlight guest on the Book Cougars podcast which just went live yesterday. You can listen to it here (listeners also get 30% off the online class, Creative Journaling 101).

Mastering the Art of Self-Expression is currently available at the Book Club Bookstore & More (they ship anywhere and phone orders are welcome 860-432-7411).

You can also order Mastering the Art of Self-Expression directly from

If you want to further explore and unleash the power of  your self-expression, Laura’s work is for both the Creatively Challenged and the Creatively Confident alike.


p.s. For those of you who don’t know, and for the sake of full-disclosure, Laura is my wife and I am co-founder of Road to Success℠


  1. I think I fall into the Creatively Challenged category — at least in terms of visual art! Looking forward to tomorrow. Congrats on the book, both!

  2. Thanks, Audra! I think you’ll find it both fun and helpful. Laura’s work has opened me up to a very different mode of journaling which has lead to some fascinating self-discoveries that I don’t think I would’ve gotten to with my regular journaling, but mainly it’s given me “permission” to play, explore, and be a whole lot less judgy with myself.

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