Hunter Killer by David Poyer

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There’s a new Dan Lenson / Modern Navy novel out this week and I reviewed it for Criminal Element. This is the 17th entry in the Dan Lenson / Modern Navy series.

Hunter Killer is a cutting edge military thriller that also makes an effort to portray the social and personnel issues around issues of gender and sexual orientation that the U.S. military is currently working to improve. An action-packed read for the military enthusiast of the naval persuasion.


Hunter Killer by David Poyer (


World War with China explodes in Hunter Killer, David Poyer’s powerful, all-too-believable novel about how the next world war might unfold.

This novel is full of movement and the chaos of wartime. As a result, it’s difficult to write about, but at its most basic, it follows the storylines of five people: Dan Lenson, Admiral, USN; Teddy Oberg, POW and Navy SEAL; Cheryl Staurulakis, Commander, USN; Hector Ramos, recruit/Marine, USMC; and Blair Titus, military advisor, Washington, D.C.

The book opens with Captain Lenson being summoned to a Naval command bunker on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The United States is at war with China. Country after country is falling to the People’s Republic, and the U.S. has had some crushing losses—including the vaporization of an entire U.S. Battle Group by a nuclear warhead.

Poyer adds some insider humor to the opening scene with a little inter-service swipe at the Army, “Dan nodded to Army personnel—they tended to sulk if ignored in passageways—but didn’t to Navy or Air Force unless they greeted him first.” Poyer’s series, after all, celebrates the Navy and Marine Corps. Oohrah! But I digress.

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