The wait is finally over: Force of Nature by Jane Harper (#AWW2018)

Force of Nature by Jane Harper (

The wait is finally over for those who’ve been anxiously awaiting Jane Harper’s follow up to her international bestseller, The Dry.

Force of Nature hit American bookstores last Tuesday, so if you’re looking for a good mystery to get lost in, here you go. This second entry in the Aaron Falk series is a solid stand alone novel, so you don’t have to read The Dry first, but if you haven’t yet read that one, I highly recommend you add it to your To Be Read list.

I recently reviewed Force of Nature for Criminal Element:

Force of Nature by Jane Harper is the second book in the Aaron Falk series, where five women go on a hike and only four return, begging the question: how well do you really know the people you work with?

Last year, I approached Jane Harper’s international bestseller, The Dry, with a bit of trepidation. All those five-star ratings and breathless reviews made me wary. But I picked it up to read as part of the Australian Women Writers Challenge that I participate in each year. From the first pages, I was hooked and did not want to put it down.

Jane Harper’s first novel was no fluke. Fans of place-based novels have an exciting new friend in Australian Federal Agent Aaron Falk. In Force of Nature, Falk—a financial crimes investigator—is in the midst of a case he’s working on with his partner, Carmen Cooper. Their investigation is part of a larger operation, and their target is one of the women away on a weekend hike. Carmen is new to the series and serves not so much as a love interest—although there is some of that tension—but more as someone who holds up a mirror to Falk so he can see himself.

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