February Reminder! The Willa Cather Short Story Project #1: Flavia and Her Artists

The Willa Cather Short Story Project beings!

Our first story is “Flavia and Her Artists.”

This is the lead story in Cather’s first short story collection, The Troll Garden, published in 1905.

If you don’t have immediate access to this story, you can read it HERE on the Willa Cather Archive.

What’s next? I’ll post my thoughts on reading “Flavia and Her Artists” on Wednesday, February 27th and will invite everyone to post their thoughts as well. Looking forward to our conversation.

Happy reading!



  1. The copy that I requested through the library (after seeing Paula’s notice about your project) cannot be located, apparently, so I have requested another copy (I didn’t notice it was stalled until I saw this reminder, though, so it won’t arrive before Wednesday, but I’ll come by afterwards). Now here’s where reading online would be lovely, but I have to limit my screen-time, so I’ll wait for the book!

    • Oh no! That’s a sad status for a library book and patrons (not to mention it drives librarians crazy). Fingers crossed the second request comes in quickly for you. It is my hope that people will drop in for a chat about the story whenever they can, that’s why I decided to post about each story individually.

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