Review: Welcome to the Writer’s Life by Paulette Perhach

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I stumbled upon Welcome to the Writer’s Life while dashing into the library to return books. In true book nerd fashion, I couldn’t resist stepping into the next room to glance at the new book display even though Laura was waiting for me in the car and I didn’t have my glasses on (a rarity). Words are fuzzy at best without my glasses, but this book’s bold title and cover design depicting some tools of the trade made it a no brainer for me to grab. The size also attracted me. It’s 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches. Perfect to toss into a purse and small enough to squeeze into an already overcrowded backpack.

Paulette Perhach had been writing for years when one of her pieces — A Story of a Fuck Off Fund — went viral. Interwoven through this comprehensive writing guide is her own experience as a writer, the years of struggle, frustration, doubt, and eventually creating a writing life that she loves.

In Welcome to the Writer’s Life, Perhach gives both general and specific advice about writing and how to build & manage one’s writing life. It’s loaded with book recommendations, many of which I’ve read or heard about and some that I haven’t (and have requested from the library).

Her advice is presented in six clear chapters:

  1. How to Start
  2. Your Writing Practice
  3. Your Reading Practice
  4. Your Writing Craft
  5. Your Writing Business
  6. Your Writing Life

Each chapter quickly gets down to business and offers tips, exercises, resources, words of advice from other writers, and writing prompts. There are also links to website resources.

I like the tone of this book. It is humorous without being too goofy, heartfelt without being sugary, and enthusiastic without making unrealistic claims. In other words, Perhach comes across as a real person offering practical advice.

If you’re a newbie writer it will help you create your path and if you’ve been writing for years it’ll put some pep back into your step.

Title: Welcome to the Writer’s Life: How to Design Your Writing Craft, Business, Writing Practice, and Reading Practice — link to Goodreads page
Author: Paulette Perhachlink to author website
Publisher: Seattle, Sasquatch Books, 2018
Source: Library copy
Bottom line: A solid read for both new writers and those who’ve been at it for years and could use some fresh air. Would make a great gift for the writer in your life.


  1. Alas, I had to return my copy to the library before I was finished, because someone had a hold on it. Which is a good thing, I guess. So then *I* put it on hold 🙂

    Now, after reading this, I know it’s something to look forward to!

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