Library Visit: East Glastonbury, CT

Last week Laura and I were looking to go on a day drive. I also wanted to visit a new to me library and since most libraries in Connecticut are still either not open or running on limited hours due to Covid-19, which would limit my ability to visit inside, I thought I’d look for a town that we could head to that has several libraries. That way I’d at least be able to take a nice collection of exterior photos.

Glastonbury has three public libraries, so that’s where we headed. It’s just south east of Hartford. I assumed I’d include all three libraries in one post. I also assumed that if a library was closed I wouldn’t be able to get inside. You know what happens when we assume, right?

I have two types of library posts:
1. Library Stops are when I’m only able to take photos of the exterior of a library.
2. Library Visits are when I’m also able to take photos of the interior.
The categories are more for my organization, but you’ll notice from this post’s title that I got inside. As a result, I’m only featuring one library in today’s post, the East Glastonbury Public Library.

East Glastonbury Library from the road

The view of the library when you pull in off the road.

1889 Clean lines East Glastonbury Library

The building was originally a school. It was built in 1889 and repurposed as a library in 1960. I love the clean lines, window boxes, and the matching book return.

Book return at East Glastonbury Library

Book return close-up.

East Glastonbury Library Nipsic School

Nipsic School was listed on the State Register of Historic Places in 2002. The library is on Neipsic Road. I wonder if there are alternate spellings, if this is a typo, or maybe the town changed the spelling over time? Perhaps Nipsic and Neipsic are two different names. I’ll have to find out.

Back view of the East Glastonbury Library

A view of the back of the library.

Library Staff Parking East Glastonbury Library

The new town school is just across the parking lot, so there is reserved parking for library staff and patrons.

Library Parking Only East Glastonbury Library

These hand-carved signs make me smile.

In this wide shot you can see the parking area and a bit of the new school to the left. To the right, you can see person sitting under the gazebo. There was a group of five or six women there and when they noticed me taking photos, they waved me over.

They asked if I needed a book and said they could get it for me. Psst, kid, you need a book? It wasn’t quite like that, but what a lovely situation. They were volunteers hanging out because the library is now closed on the day we were there. Apparently they were still showing up, helping patrons in need. When I told them that I have a book blog and like to post photos of libraries, they asked if I wanted to see inside. You know I said yes.

East Glastonbury Public Library hand-painted sign

This wonderful hand-painted sign faces the door and is the first thing you see when you walk in. The East Glastonbury Public Library was founded in 1960 and is staffed by volunteers.

East Glastonbury Library Adult Books and Circulation Desk

After walking through a small anteroom, you enter the adult book room. The room beyond is the children’s section. The volunteer explained that you could tell the community was well off due to the school having two rooms. It was not the standard one room schoolhouse.

Work table and typewriter at East Glastonbury Library

Work space and a typewriter. Most larger libraries have a typewriter on hand and it was good to see one here.

Childrens Room East Glastonbury Library

The children’s room.

East Glastonbury Library Volunteer

The volunteer behind the circulation desk. With the exception of this photo, we both wore masks inside. I’m pretty sure her name is Eileen, but I could be wrong. If I don’t write things down these days….

Teacher Nipsic School, East Glastonbury Library

This is a photo of a photo taken in what is now the adult book room. The teacher’s desk is now the circulation desk.

East Glastonbury Library Librarian Appreciation Plaque and Card Catalog

The card catalog and a plaque honoring past librarians: Josephine Warden, Harriet Grantham, and Virginia McGill.

What a surprise it was to be able to see inside this charming library. It’s always nice to see an older building repurposed into something that matters to the community.

Stay tuned for photos of Glastonbury’s two other libraries coming up on September.

East Glastonbury Public Library
1389 Neipsic Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033


    • It’s not often you come across a library that was repurposed from something else. In my experience, it’s more common to find old library buildings that are now serving another purpose.

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