Burger Joint Flips For Books

Meatheads is an Illinois burger chain with a dozen or so locations. They also serve hot dogs and chicken, but burgers are the priority. I ate there for the first time earlier this week. 

We ordered, got our drinks, and then noticed this big bookish display on the wall. Much to my delight it’s a summer reading challenge! 

Read five books and get a free lil’ meathead burger, which is a burger with one patty. That’s what I had with blue cheese, sauteed red onions, and mushrooms for toppings. It was yummy. My guilt over eating cow was assuaged by the burger’s tastiness and by this bookish turn of events.

Participants get a log to record their books and can fill out a little book cling to add to the display. The manager said that during the school year they’ll do something similar related to sports scores.

I didn’t ask if all Meatheads locations are doing this promotion, but this one is at 3304 North Western Ave (between Belmont and Roscoe) in Chicago.

Are any business in your neck- of-the-woods hosting a summer reading challenge?

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