Royal Baby and Pride & Prejudice Celebration

Tea & shortbread.

At the library yesterday my department (technical services) had our very own royal baby celebration. Since I started working in technical services last December its rare for a week to pass without a party or at least someone bringing in food for something-or-other.

The ring leader of yesterday’s party was Bonnie, a woman who is a bit of an Anglophile due to her English mother. I’m not a regular follower of the royals, but my family did make an event of watching the wedding of Diana and Charles. I always liked Diana. Its amazing how time flies and that her son is now on the verge of becoming a parent himself.

We also have a baby name contest going. The names I drew are Elizabeth, Amelia, Victor, and William. Not sure what the winner will receive, but I have a feeling it’ll be something British.

Since the royal baby has yet to make an appearance, and since Bonnie is also a huge Jane Austen fan, she decided we’d also celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride & Prejudice which is this year.

I have not yet really read Pride & Prejudice, but have enjoyed the recent movie adaptations. In fact, I haven’t completed any Jane Austen novel although I started and abandoned several in the past. After gorging myself on the British themed food and tea all afternoon I decided it was high time that I gave P&P another try. 

Roof Beam Reader is hosting Austen in August and I’m seriously considering jumping in. We’ll see. August is going to be a busy month. In the meantime below are some pictures of our celebration.

A proper teatime with lovely cups & saucers provided by Bonnie.

The cup I chose is from the 1930s. It certainly brightened up my desk!

William and Kate Royal Addition Cheddar by Westminster.
This cheddar was delicious!

Tunnock’s milk chocolate coated caramel wafer biscuits from Scotland.
Clotted cream.


My favorite creative dish: FISH & CHIPS! Tricia brought in these Swedish fish and potato chips.
The end. But not really as we have leftovers!


  1. I think you already know that my guess is that it will be a girl and they will call her Beryl. Although I wouldn't like the taste of them together I love the fish and chips interpretation.

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