Update & Boyne Book Bonanza

Last week’s stats:
  Blog posts: 0
  Books read: 1
  Book gift recieved: 1
  Stories written: 1
  Rooms painted: 3

Book bag from Dubray Books

No blog posts last week because I was busy tearing apart our happy little home, painting it, and putting it back together. We painted the living room (from Raspberry to Avocado), the kitchen (Ancient White to Vanilla Custard), and the bedroom (Midnight Blue to Quiet Rain). These are all lighter, more neutral colors than the darker, richer tones we like (excepting the white), but we’re getting ready to put our house up for sale and sprucing things up a bit. It was a tiring, but rewarding week.

Even our dog is tired.

I did manage to get my monthly short story submitted to my writing buddy, Cayt, on Friday hours before our deadline. I also spent a few minutes each night reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne before passing out. Enjoyed it very much and will write about it in a future post. I’m a big fan of Boyne’s novel The Absolutist and was thrilled to meet him earlier this year at a book signing.

And then my friend Kate returned from Ireland last week and brought me a treat that’s not yet available here in the States: This House is Haunted. She picked it up at Dubray Books in Galway.

This House is Haunted is a take off on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. It also reminds me a bit of The Haunting of Hill House and The Woman In Black. Charles Dickens makes an appearance and his writings have been woven into the storyline several times more.

I’m just 100 pages into it and have yet to be royally creeped out, but the tension is mounting….

The U.S. release date for This House Is Haunted is October 8, 2013. Just in time for Halloween and All Hallow’s Read!

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