That’s a Wrap: BooktopiaVT 2015

BooktopiaVT happened May 1-2. It was the last BooktopiaVT.* The Final Chapter.

It was my second Booktopia and I was thrilled to have gotten in (it sold out in two minutes). Last year my attendance was a last minute surprise. I’d also just moved to CT and was in the midst of job interviews, so my head was all over the place. This year the trip to Manchester, VT felt more like a vacation and a reunion. I got to hang out with BibloSue, a friend from Chicago, and made a bunch of new friends. Such a fun, welcoming group of people.

I intended to post a recap last Monday, but the week turned out to be a humdinger. I had a busy week at work, took on a new consulting gig, and had social/personal events each evening. It was Monday again before I knew it.

Anywhoo, here are some pictures of my trip.

I stopped in Bennington on the drive up to visit a used bookstore, which was closed. Again. Just like last year. But I did get to check out this colorful cat (“Cattitude” by Rae Tetlow) and discovered the existence of ukulele banjos.
After checking into my hotel (The Palmer House Inn) I walked over to the Northshire Bookstore for some peaceful book browsing before the hordes hit the next day.
Non-bookish interest: I coveted this wagon at a local shop.

Sunset behind the mountains.

Books I couldn’t resist in the Northshire’s used section on Thursday evening. Also purchased but not pictured: In Titanic’s Shadow: The World’s Worst Merchant Ship Disasters by David L. Williams.

Walking back to the Northshire Bookstore on Friday morning, Day 1. You can see the blue store in the distance.

Ann & Michael, waiting for the welcome session to begin.
So much potential in the palm of my hand!
With Suzanne (BiblioSue) and Callie.
Russel facilitated the discussion with Megan Mayhew Bergman on reading and writing short stories.
My gift card is getting hotter in my pocket.
Steve Himmer discussing his new book, Fram.
What’s up, cupcake? Friday night dessert.
The book I took home from our Yankee Swap.
Simon of Savidge Reads in the UK sent over a book that Karen ended up with: Catherine Hall’s The Repercussions.
Mary Doria Russell discussing Epitaph. Did you know she’s a Def Leppard and Van Halen fan? An 80s head-banger.
Josh Cook discussing his new novel, An Exaggerated Murder
Saturday, Day 2,  also happened to be Independent Bookstore Day!
A Celebration of Authors, Saturday night’s closing event. Each of the eight authors spoke for a few minutes about their writing. This session was recorded and you’ll be able to hear what everyone had to say on a future episode of Books on the Nightstand. Pictured above: Cristina Henriquez, Michael Crummey, Dylan Landis, and Kelly Link.
Group signing after A Celebration of Authors.
Moonrise on the walk to dinner.

After compiling these pictures, I had a moment of regret that I didn’t take more pictures of or with fellow Booktopians. However, I quickly realized it was because I had such a great time. I was too busy chatting and laughing with them to think about taking pictures. It was amazing to go on a book retreat and bond with so many fellow readers. A huge thank you to Ann and Michael who have touched so many of our lives in such a meaningful way. Here’s to good bookish people!

*Rumors abound that this spring-time tradition may be taken up by someone else going forward. The Northshire Bookstore? A group of inn keepers? Bookriot?


  1. Sounds like there is a huge demand for this event so I hope someone does take it on! I don't think there's any way I could manage to go, but you never know. I've been wanting to since I heard Simon talk about it on his podcast.

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