2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge Sign-up Post and 2017 Recap

2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge #AWW2018 (WildmooBooks.com)

I’ll be participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge again in 2018 at the Stella level. That means I’m committing to reading four books by Australian Women Writers and reviewing at least three of them.

Here’s my starting list:

  • Force of Nature by Jane Harper — book number two in her Aaron Falk Series, which is coming out in the States in February.  The first book in the series, The Dry, was a fantastic read.
  • From the Wreck by Jane Rawson — I hear this book is a bit unclassifiable. Part historical fiction and part ghost story.

As for 2017 — I had also signed up at the Stella level (read 4, review 3).

I read:

  1. The Strays by Emily Bitto
  2. Too Afraid to Cry by Ali Cobby Eckermann
  3. And Fire Came Down by Emma Viskic
  4. The Dry by Jane Harper
  5. Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay

I actually didn’t finish Picnic at Hanging Rock. Although I was enjoying the story, the writing lacked rhythm for me and although its a short book it was just too annoying for me to keep reading. I’m holding on to the book and might try it again after watching the movie. In the book’s defense, I had just recently finished The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, which blew me away. Any book that followed that novel would have suffered by comparison.

Sadly, I didn’t write proper reviews on any of the first four books, which are all excellent read both in content and style. I did write a short “catch-up” post that tells a bit about each book which you can read here.

My hope for 2018 is to slow down and take more time to digest each book that I read, which will lend itself to taking the time to write a review.

All are welcome to participate in this challenge. You don’t have to have a blog. Check it out at australianwomenwriters.com/sign-up/.

Do you have any favorites by Australian Women Writers that you recommend?


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