Wrap Up Post: Australian Women Writers Challenge 2019

I ended the year one short for this challenge, just like last year.

Instead of four books, I managed only three. I’m not too bummed about it, because without this challenge I wouldn’t have read the three wonderful books I did get to.

Books read:

  1. The Lost Man by Jane Harper. Excellent family drama mystery/thriller set in the parched Australian outback.
  2. The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose. One of my favorite reads of the year. I read it back in June and still think about it.
  3. Darkness for Light by Emma Viskic. This is the third in the Caleb Zelic series, which I adore. It isn’t out in the U.S. until June 9, 2020, but I was lucky to get my hands on an advance digital copy via NetGalley and also ordered a paper copy from Australia which just arrived yesterday.

I’ll be writing a full review of Darkness for Light for Criminal Element closer to the U.S. release date. In the mean time, if you’re a mystery/thriller reader or want to read more from around the globe, definitely get your hands on Viskic’s first two books in the series, Resurrection Bay and And Fire Came Down.

Darkness for Light by Emma Viskic, a Caleb Zelic Thriller. Australian edition.

Australian women writers will definitely be on my reading list in 2020. I’ll participate in this challenge again at the Stella level, which is to read four books and review three. Let’s see if I can break my two-year streak of only reading three.

Learn more about the Australian Women Writers challenge here: https://australianwomenwriters.com/sign-up/


  1. Thanks so much Chris for this. I’ve only read one of your three books – the wonderful Museum of modern love – but I’d really like to read some of Viksic’s novels too. Good luck with the 2020 challenge. So glad you are sticking with us!

  2. I’m thrilled you’re reading 3 AWW books a year. MoMLwas one of my favs of 2018 – she has a new one that is more of a political thriller set in Tasmania that you might enjoy too, called Bruny.

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