Library Stop: South Glastonbury Public Library

This month’s library post features the South Glastonbury Public Library. Regular readers of this blog may remember that last month I shared photos of the East Glastonbury Public Library.

Street sign South Glastonbury Public Library (

When you see this sign on the main thoroughfare, obey that finger and drive down the street until you see the next library sign.

South Glastonbury Public Library sign and building (

I’d never not stop for a sign with a book and quill. So charming. And there’s something about a brick building that makes my heart flutter. Perhaps they remind me of home as I grew up in a brick house.

South Glastonbury Public Library Facade (

A head-on photo of the facade. This building started its life in 1828 as a Methodist church. According to the library’s website, local folks converted it into a library in 1926 and it’s now one of the oldest volunteer run libraries in the country. It’s also the oldest building in South Glastonbury which was founded in 1693.

Hand-painted sign South Glastonbury Public Library (

A close-up of the hand-painted sign on the front of the library.

Front Door Glastonbury Public Library (

Entryway close-up. Notice the stylized door handle and the book drop slot.

Book Drop South Glastonbury Public Library (

Book drop. Great color choice on the door paint. I also have a soft spot for old wooden doors.

Brick detail South Glastonbury Public Library (

Gorgeous old bricks. They’re almost 200 years old.

Benches out back Glastonbury Public Library (

At the back of the library are two lovely benches where patrons can have a chat or a librarian can grab a bit of sunshine. The original building is to the right and to the left is an addition that looks like it was added in more recent years, based on the foundation and lower level window.

South Glastonbury Public Library sideview (

At the side of the library looking toward the street.

South Glastonbury Public Library Front, wide angle (

Back at the front of the library. I used an iPhone 11 to take these photos and it has a zoom out feature which I don’t often use because it creates distortion. For example, in this photo the library looks a bit squished from side to side and taller than it actually is, but I suppose it also creates some drama, especially with those dark clouds building the background.

The library was closed when we took our drive to Glastonbury. I look forward to returning to check out the interior and to learn more about the building’s history.

South Glastonbury Public Library
80 Hight Street
South Glastonbury, Connecticut

Built: 1828 as a church
Repurposed as library: 1926
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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